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Green construction, the future of houses and apartments

If there is one concern that affects all sectors and is regularly in the news, it is the issue of ecology and environmental concern. Indeed, our society consumes a lot, whether it is water, energy or products of all kinds. But this overconsumption has also raised awareness and more and more movements advocate a more ecological way of life, with less waste. Responsible behavior can be adopted as an individual as well as within a company. The job market tends to evolve in this direction by proposing specific positions to the ecological question. This is the case for green construction companies that specialize in green homes. Discover them through this article.

What is a green building?

construction house sustainableThis is the name given to homes built according to ecological principles. Their main characteristic is to have a reduced energy consumption and a low environmental impact. Each stage of the construction of a house requires special attention. This is why the choice of an eco house must be made from the beginning of the project. In particular, you must take into account :

  • the position of the house in relation to the sun,
  • its shape,
  • its construction and insulation materials,
  • its means of heating including hot water,
  • its ventilation,
  • its means of lighting…

What energy standards must be respected?

green houseMoreover, it is not enough to pay attention to all these elements. There are many highly regulated standards to respect in terms of eco-construction. All green buildings must meet energy standards to be officially considered green.
The first label is the “BBC house” or low consumption house. To obtain it, the house must not exceed a certain limit of electricity consumption per square meter. This limit is calculated according to several criteria and it is therefore essential to master the construction standards if you want to embark on a green project.
The passive house also has the obligation to generate 90% of its own heating needs.
Finally, the positive house is in a way the queen of ecological houses since it produces more than it consumes. It is then possible to resell part of the electricity produced in surplus.
These construction standards are therefore demanding but increasingly in demand. For a company, specializing in green construction is undoubtedly a forward-looking decision.
However, for a house to be ecological on all levels, it is not enough that it has a low energy consumption but also that its materials are recognized by ecological labels.

What are the ecological building materials?

All materials must be unprocessed, without the addition of harmful products and be as local as possible. This applies to the structure as well as to the insulation and finishing materials.
With these requirements, many green building companies are turning to wooden houses. It is a very good solution that meets all the criteria. Indeed, many forests are managed in a sustainable and renewable way. By promoting a short circuit, the impact of a wooden construction is very low.
But there are materials that are more surprising at first glance, such as straw or terracotta, which seem to come from another time. However, constructions of this type are just as solid as those made of wood.
When it comes to insulation, you can also use original materials: wood fiber, hemp or even sheep’s wool make very good natural insulators.
For a green construction company, there are still many other ways to make a house more ecological and environmentally friendly. Training in this field opens up new perspectives and allows you to offer even more options to your clients while doing something for the environment and the planet.