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Recognizing that out of basin and out of State water transfers create major political debates, I would like to ask for comments on this subject as they relate to implementing a waterbag delivery system.

Since water is a renewable resource, its taking can be regulated based on river flows so that transporting water outside basins and states will not be a danger to the environment. Just as with timber exports, water exports could develop into a natural resource revenue stream for the States and the local communities involved.

Unlike building a permanent pipeline from the Columbia River to California , if environmental conditions change in the exporting watershed, the physical and economic flexibility of the waterbag system will allow the export of water to be limited or completely shut down, as the waterbags can be removed and taken to any other waterbag system in the world. This is not the case with permanent land-based pipelines or desalination plants that must be in continual operation in order to pay off their capital cost investments.

Waterbag technology is simply a modular fabric pipeline that uses the world's strongest zipper to connect waterbags into trains that can easily and economically move large volumes of water through the ocean in an environmentally sound manner. This is an easy and inexpensive theory to demonstrate. We are in the process of implementing waterbag demonstration voyages throughout the world.

Photos and additional information are available on the website, A video of television news coverage of a demonstration that was implemented in Washington State can be seen by linking to YouTube and inserting the words, “Spragg Bag” in the selection box. -

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I am not sure if I understand what you exactly mean by problems with “pulling in water” but pulling waterbags through the ocean is not more difficult than pulling long log booms through the ocean!

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