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New Technique Measures Evaporation Globally

Posted By Pierce on Hydrogeology

Researchers at Columbia Engineering and Boston University have developed the first method to map evaporation globally using weather stations, which will help scientists evaluate water resource management, assess recent trends of evaporation throughout the globe, and validate surface hydrologic models in various conditions. The study was published in the April 1 online Early Edition of Proceedings -

Researchers discover plants are enormous water users

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A new study published today in Nature by researchers at the University of New Mexico indicates the immense amount of fresh water used by plants and its movement during their life cycle has significant implications for future predictions about climate change. -

Estimating the causal effect of water scarcity on the groundwater use efficiency of rice farming in South India

Posted By Mahboubeh on Hydrogeology

There is no consensus among researchers on the influence of scarcity on common pool resource use: some suggest that scarcity leads to prudent use, whereas others suggest that it will cause over-extraction of resources. This issue is particularly of interest for developing countries, where natural resources are becoming scarce at an alarming rate. This paper investigates the causal association bet -

Groundwater modelling for the assessment of water management alternatives

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Rise in groundwater level followed by waterlogging and secondary salinisation has become a serious problem in canal irrigated areas located in arid and semi-arid regions of the world. To solve the problem, the groundwater model SGMP was applied in a waterlogged area of Haryana State of India in which about 500,000 ha has already waterlogged resulting in reduced crop yield and abandonment of agric -

Large-scale global groundwater variations from satellite gravimetry and hydrological models, 2002-2012

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Groundwater storage is an important parameter in water resource management, land-surface processes and hydrological cycle. However, the traditional instruments are very difficult to monitor global groundwater storage variations due to high cost and strong labor intensity. In this paper, the global total terrestrial water storage (TWS) are derived from approximate 10 years of monthly geopotential -

Our hidden and threatened water supply

Posted By Hadian on Hydrogeology

Many coastal communities worldwide that rely on groundwater are experiencing water shortages and risk of seawater intrusion. We have an opportunity now to protect our groundwater aquifers so they can continue to provide a safe and sustainable water supply.
In recognition of National Groundwater Awareness Week, March 10-16, here are some facts about our local groundwater resources and the Soquel -

It never rains and then it pours. What is going on with our weather?

Posted By Milad on Hydrogeology

The transformation of the British landscape over the last 12 months has been dramatic. At the end of 2011, the nation was caught in the grip of one of the severest droughts on record. Low rainfall over the previous year had reduced water levels in rivers and reservoirs to exceptional levels. The year ahead promised to be one of parched landscapes, hosepipe bans and streams turned to trickles. The -

Wissard Project Seeks Signs of Life Under Antarctica -

Posted By Mousa on Hydrogeology

An Antarctic drilling project is being launched by the US researchers in an attempt to proof the existence of life under the freezing land. The project is launched after an earlier Russian and British researchers’ teams went home for this season due to technical difficulties. The freezing temperatures are extreme conditions that could be similar to condition on Mars. If any form of life exists th -