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Water Engineering and Development: The Contributions of Middle East to Water Engineering & Science (Video)

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The development of water raising devices were an integral part of the growth of the Islamic empires, changing the way crops were irrigated and raised. The devices developed by the engineers and scientists at the time formed the building blocks of much of modern engineering. -

Introduction of water charges in Ireland cause widespread street protests

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Government says it needs money for infrastructure, but some citizens say they are willing to go to prison for refusing to pay -

An interactive map of 50,000 water rights held in California

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A water right is a granted permission to withdraw water from a river, stream, or ground water source for a "reasonable" and "beneficial" use.

Currently, water rights holders claim they divert in aggregate approximately 250 million acre feet of water each year.

California receives 71 million acre feet yearly from rain. (200 MAFY before evaporation) -

Weekly Water News Summary (25 - 31 October 2014) @WaterWired

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Here is WaterWired's summary of tweets on water resources news, events, jobs, positions, .... (25 - 31 October 2014). -

UN report: Climate change has permanently ruined farmland the size of France

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The report, written by the United Nations University, highlights large areas of farmland in arid and semi-arid parts of the world, such as the south west of the US and Australia, which are suffering from a combination of heavy irrigation and poor to non-existent drainage systems. As a result, a thick crust of salt is forming across much of the world, which is costing £17bn a year in lost crop production in regions including China, India and Pakistan. -

USGS Free Water Resources Software for Download

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Different water resources applications software produced by USGS and available for download.

Categories include water chemistry, groundwater, surface water and statistical analysis. -

Lebanon must tackle its water crisis head-on

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Lebanon is no longer the water tower of the Levant. The 2013-2014 winter season was one of the driest in over a century. Between September of last year and May 2014, Lebanon received about 400 millimeters of rainfall, less than half the seasonal average. Lebanon’s water crisis, however, is not merely the result of a dry winter. The lack of rainfall has exposed fundamental shortfalls in the country’s water management policies and infrastructure.

Effective exploitation of groundwater offers the most cost-effective solution to Lebanon’s water woes, as aquifers are natural free-of-charge reservoirs. Groundwater in Lebanon, however, is currently incredibly overexploited. This has resulted in a severe depletion of the water table, salt water intrusion in coastal areas, and higher concentrations of pollutants. According to official documents, there are now 50,000 private boreholes, averaging five sipping wells per square kilometer. This is up from an estimated 3,000 wells in the 1970s. By contrast, there are only 650 sanctioned public wells designed to supply most of the country’s domestic water usage. Historically the exponential increase in the number of wells is primarily the consequence of a desire to seek autonomy from a deficient public network. This is a process which was accelerated during the Civil War, when militias and other parties drilled wells in order to both create and consolidate local dependencies, using water as a socio-communitarian service.

To properly address the current crisis, Lebanon needs to deal head-on with what are essentially water management failures, failures which have been steadily accumulating for many years. To this end, the government must consider these strategies. -

Election-year water crisis taking a toll on Brazil's economy

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After a grueling election campaign in which officials faced fierce criticism for downplaying the effects of a year-long drought, Brazil's most populous state is finally coming to terms with an uncomfortable reality: it is running out of water.

São Paulo state accounts for a third of Brazil's economy and 40 percent of its industrial production, and the water crisis is already crimping factory and farm output as well as the service sector in a stagnant economy.

"There is absolutely no doubt that this is having an impact on industrial production," said Nelson Pereira dos Reis of the São Paulo state industry association Fiesp, which hasn't yet quantified the economic impact. -

Non-stationary Extreme Value Analysis (NEVA) Software Package (Free Download)

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The Nonstationary Extreme Value Analysis (NEVA) software package has been developed to facilitate extreme value analysis under both stationary and nonstationary assumptions. In a Bayesian approach, NEVA estimates the extreme value parameters with a Differential Evolution Markov Chain (DE-MC) approach for global optimization over the parameter space. NEVA includes posterior probability intervals (uncertainty bounds) of estimated return levels through Bayesian inference, with its inherent advantages in uncertainty quantification. The software presents the results of non-stationary extreme value analysis using various exceedance probability methods. We evaluate both stationary and non-stationary components of the package for a case study consisting of annual temperature maxima for a gridded global temperature dataset. The results show that NEVA can reliably describe extremes and their return levels. -