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U.S. Farm Irrigation Becomes More Efficient, Moves East

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Federal data show that U.S. farms use less water and are investing in water-saving irrigation equipment.

Published every five years, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Farm and Ranch Irrigation Survey is the most complete set of state-level data on irrigation practices, water use, and equipment. The 2013 survey reveals two long-term trends in U.S. agriculture: farms are producing more food while using less water, and farms in the typically rainy East are increasingly investing in irrigation equipment that is more commonly found in the arid West.

Both trends mark an important path forw -

Water consumption down in U.S., study finds, but Northwest residents' use above average

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Water usage dropped 13 percent since 2005, the lowest since 1970, a study finds. Idaho was listed as leading the nation in water usage. -

25 Water Heroes

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Do you know a water hero? Around the world many thousands of people are doing important work to solve water issues, through research, policymaking or hands-on solutions. They are helping eradicate diseases and predict droughts. Here are a few of Impeller’s water heroes (in no particular order). -

Will the water last in California?

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California's 21st century version of the gold rush is a rush for water. As new regulations approach, people are waiting months -- even years -- to get new water wells drilled." -

Companies and water: Value diluted | The Economist

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Water is a growing business problem. Many companies haven’t noticed

Water—its scarcity, quality and the regulations affecting it—is becoming a new corporate headache. A survey by CDP, a research firm that works for institutional investors, finds that in almost two-thirds of the world’s largest listed companies responsibility for dealing with water problems lies at board level. An increasing number of bosses say water is or will soon become a constraint on their firm’s growth. They are right to worry, but most firms are not doing much about the problem. -

Two Postdoctoral Scholar Positions in Hydrology and Climatology

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Two Postdoctoral Scholar Positions, University of California Irvine

Position 1: Statistical Hydrology and Flood Risk Assessment

Position 2: Drought Monitoring and Prediction

Start Date: Jan 1, 2015. The positions will remain open until filled. Both positions require a PhD in a related field, and expertise in data processing, and computer programming. Initial appointment will be for a 12-month period, renewable subject to performance and availability of adequate funding. For more information visit:

http://amir -

Iran's Looming Water Crisis: Symptoms, Roots and Exit Strategies (Seminar on Nov 13 @London)

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In case you are in London and are interested in learning more about the current water situation in Iran.

Speaker: Kaveh Madani, Centre for Environmental Policy, Imperial College London
Chair: Tony Allan, King's College London
Date: 13 November 2014Time: 7:00 PM
Finishes: 13 November 2014Time: 9:00 PM
Venue: Russell Square: College BuildingsRoom: Khalili Lecture Theatre
Type of Event: Seminar
Series: International Seminar Series on Iran’s Environmental Sustainability at SOAS
Organiser: Centre for Iranian Studies
Sponsor: Soudavar Memorial Foundation

Despite having a more advanced water management system than most Middle Eastern countries, similar to the other countries in the region, Iran is experiencing a serious water crisis. This presentation reviews the current status of water resources in Iran and recognizes three major causes for the current water crisis: (1) rapid population growth and inappropriate spatial population distribution; (2) inefficient agriculture sector; and (3) mismanagement and thirst for development.

This presentation is based on Madani's recent publication in the Middle East Water Security Forum of the Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences, entitled Water management in Iran: what is causing the looming crisis? -

Despite water bond vote, California drought relief elusive

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Voters in California on Tuesday easily approved a $7.2 billion bond initiative to fund various state water projects.

The measure includes funding for new water storage projects, water recycling efforts, storm water recovery, building of new dams and efforts to provide safe drinking water for those in need.

But relief from the severe drought—now heading into its fourth year—won't be so easy to come by, analysts admit. -